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Artificial intelligence is not a science fiction story, nor a concept used in movies, it is real!

But don’t be scared, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has great applications in various areas such as: education, mobility and every imaginable work.

Artificial intelligence will shape our future even more than any other innovation of this century. And you can use it every day when pointing your phone’s camera to a menu in another language and using Google Translate to convert it to your language.

We are not really Google, nor do we intend to be, but if we are true geeks, and we have studied all the best practices of this new technology to help you find information about the tech world, guide you in starting a new career in tech, or support you in switching your education focus so you can find a job fast.

That’s why we created nipu, a chatbot that guides you to understand and choose what to study in the tech world. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence nipu keeps in its memory what it needs to guide you and design a personalized experience, so every young person -like you- can make the right decisions to advance your lifestyle.

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