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So is Nipu a human or a robot?
Nipu is a chatbot that was trained by alien experts in programming, digital languages and cutting-edge technology. Well, maybe not by aliens, but by a group of people who know what they’re talking about and who, like you, at some point had the same questions to enter the tech world.

From lots of reliable and well-reviewed information, in addition to our knowledge of the best education programs in the technology sector, nipu constantly feeds its brain to guide you and to give you the resources you need to scale in the labor market of the future (and present).

Is it confidential?
The answer is yes. nipu does not associate any questions with each person with whom it chats.

Each question and each answer gets into something like a digital blender where the result is a number of ones and zeros that will not be associated with you but will help feed nipu so that it is increasingly intelligent and thus can help others.

Is Nipu impartial?
Nipu always will be impartial. We spend a lot of time searching for courses, researching careers and creating alliances so that you have several and (most importantly) good study options at hand. After searching so hard, it would be a bit silly to show you only one or two of all the courses we found. That is why we have no favorites, when NIPU suggests a course, it is because it is the one that fits better with you.

The same goes for the races: according to your interests and aptitudes, Nipu will guide you to find the one that best suits what you like and in which you have more potential for the future. Nipu don’t discriminate based on your gender, age, economic condition or favorite football team, all our users have access to the app in the same way. NIPU is interested in who you are only to make the best recommendations, not to judge you or make you feel bad about your identity.

Why is Nipu FREE?
We believe that education is a way (maybe the only one?) To improve the living conditions of people in a city, a country and even the entire world. NIPU is free for everyone to find their way in technology and develop the skills they want to work, make their own projects and lead a happier life. Yes, we believe that studying technology will make us happy, because today and more and more our lives are linked to technology. Whether you are a plastic artist, accountant or dentist, knowing about technology will open thousands of doors and allow you to be a better professional. If you don’t believe us, ask Elon Musk: “I like to create things related to new technologies that break conventions, so you tell me:“ Amazing! How did you do this? How did you do it?
Why does Nipu only guide you to study technology?
Yes, you are going to study technology. Today it is obvious that people who know English have more opportunities than those who do not know. The same will happen (in fact, it is already happening) with people who know technology: they have access to better jobs, they pay more and have better working conditions. Whether you want to study a full career in technology or have another profession that you want to complement, technology skills will be the English of the future.

That does not mean that we all want (or should) devote ourselves to software development (or programming), which is the best known way of working in technology. Every day new professions and areas that work with technology appear, such as the UX, where you will find people who like design, psychology and sociology, or data science, where you learn things about math, statistics and even business. In technology you will find opportunities and professions according to your tastes, interests, abilities and aptitudes, so you should not be afraid to enter this world and start studying.

Why use Nipu?
The truth is that you do not have to use Nipu to know why or how to enter the world of technology. You can go to a vocational counselor, a psychologist, to the admissions department of a university or ask your uncle Paco. But, in addition to the fact that some of them will charge you for listening to you, they will all speak to you only from what they know, which is probably outdated, and they will give you an answer according to how they see the world. For example, it is going to be terrible for your uncle Paco that you go to work with those cell phones and computers to which you are already stuck all day, and he may tell you to look for a “real” job or profession.

On the other hand, at Nipu we combine research, knowledge of the labor market, futurism and some secret sauce to make your professional path, find the best studies for you and help you enter the world of technology in the easiest way. If you don’t believe us, download and use the app. Or are you going to keep your uncle Paco’s advice?

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